Absence of Silence

Felipe Risada

ArtistFelipe Risada

It was a challenge to create this mural with everyone in mind and all the images I've seen. Living in São Paulo, I have little access to the ocean, but when I do visit the water, it is for fun and leisure. I have fond memories, great respect and admiration for the sea.

At the same time, the ocean is a great portal. We know about environmental problems that exist. And I think what this project shows very well are the social problems that plague the sea. I think it’s very important to denounce all these problems that shouldn’t exist in 2022. It seems that the situation in the ocean is worse than on land. We are in a very critical phase and it's hard to fathom all the geopolitical forces that affect a whole economic system of borders, sea traffic, food production and diverse markets that pertain to the water. So, that's why I say that the ocean is a portal that transports people on ships and exposes people to a very different way of living.

The sea has a very strong impact and it brings good things and bad things too. That’s the ambiguity of it. It can be a good dream and it can be a nightmare.

The art I create is universal. It's a simple art using just a few colors and easy-to-read symbols. So, children and people from many nationalities will be able to understand it.

Absence of Silence by Felipe Risada
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MURAL LOCATION — São Paulo, Brazil

Artist Bio

Felipe Risada is a 33-year-old muralist who lives and works in his native São Paulo, Brazil. Risada graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from Belas Artes (SP). For 15 years, he has dedicated himself to creating his own pictorial repertoire through graffiti, painting in the streets of São Paulo using only paint and a roller instead of spray paint. His work reflects his unique personality. Risada’s simple iconography allows him to create and display his works beyond walls and panels, in additional art forms including engravings, prints and logos. He also develops commissioned works for various institutions and companies.