The Blobfish

Artist — Eric Orr

Eric Orr, Resident Artist at the New York based, The Point Campus For The Arts and Environment, has joined forces with Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) of New Zealand and The Outlaw Ocean Mural Project, based in Washington D.C., to paint a mural with the theme of protecting ocean life from bottom trawling.

Orr was approached by DSCC about doing a mural on the Hunts Point park side of The Point’s Campus brick wall. Orr is a well-known artist who has lived in New Zealand for seven years.

Environmentalists have spoken out for a ban on bottom trawling, which is a practice that is indiscriminate in what it catches and which many consider to be the most barbaric form of commercial fishing ever. For this project, scientists from New Zealand helped the artist and the community to better understand the issue. They highlighted the Bronx River’s connection to the Hudson Canyon, the region off the coast of New York City and some miles out to sea, where the Hudson River dumps into the Atlantic Ocean. An area averse to bottom trawling, it is currently under consideration to become a designated nature preserve.

While painting the mural, Eric received the assistance of a few neighborhood kids who contributed to the mural's water decor. Add to that, Pocket Flicks filmmaker, Electra Weston, who empowered passersby to become videographers by encouraging them to create video recordings of the mural scene with their cell phones. Later, she would incorporate their footage into a film about the project.

The Blobfish by Eric Orr
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MURAL LOCATION — New York City, United States