Unseen Ocean



When I read The Outlaw Ocean, it became clear to me that my ideas about the ocean and what was happening upon them were very different from reality. After participating in this project, I realized that the oceans are frighteningly large and that the atrocities that human beings commit there are constant and terrifying.

For me, the creative process started right away. I found a wall by the water, which was the perfect location and the appropriate setting to paint the message I wanted to convey. I realized that what impacted me the most was realizing that there are many more crimes occurring on the ocean than I had imagined.

The beauty of art is the ease of communicating with people who don't speak the same language as me. Last year, I started to learn about tattoo art at Alternative Tattoo Society and this mural was the first where I had the opportunity to practice many of the new techniques I learned.

Public art has the power to impact people by changing the spaces they frequent during their daily lives. Both during the painting process and after it is finished, there is a constant conversation between the space and those who observe it. In addition, when you combine journalism with art, you enhance journalism, disseminating written content in a new way and reaching a wider audience.

Unseen Ocean by Effe
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MURAL LOCATION — Lisbon, Portugal

Artist Bio

Effe is a multidisciplinary artist from Alentejo, Portugal. His background is in design, but in the last few years, he has focused on projects involving illustration and street art. Through his art, Effe depicts the interactions between human beings and the surrounding environment, painting with strong colors and bold lines.

Last year, Effe started a tattoo apprenticeship with Diogo Andrade at Alternative Tattoo Society and since then, his artwork has been heavily influenced by the tattoo world and artists. When he was invited to be part of The Outlaw Ocean Mural Project, he knew he had the opportunity to paint on a large scale and to incorporate the influences of his new experience into his creation. Effe’s goal when painting his mural was to illustrate the brutal force and the impact human actions have on the waters and animals that live in the world’s oceans. While he finds it difficult to recognize the horrible things people do to others at sea, Effe is inspired by the ability of nature and animals to survive. With full creative freedom to paint, he not only felt excited to create an exceptional mural, but he also greatly valued the opportunity to share his experience during this project. Thus, Effe invited his friends, Marcos and Catarina, to film the process, making it possible to share his artwork with a worldwide audience.