Women at Sea

Clara Leff

ArtistClara Leff

Mariana Mats

ArtistMariana Mats

Calor Carol

ArtistCalor Carol

“This project changes my personal perception of the ocean due to the fact that it brings up issues of which I’ve been completely unaware. While the ocean is an environment that brings us a lot of peace, there are also many dramatic things happening there. Bringing these topics to light is extremely important.

While there are many key subjects addressed in the book, I identified a lot with the chapter that talks about Rebecca Gomperts. She’s an extremely courageous woman and on the front line of the very difficult issue of abortion. Gomperts takes risks and dedicates her life to helping other women. She inspired me a lot. At the same time, we need to talk about this subject more broadly because this issue changes the lives of many women, especially women who have less access to information and who don't have money or resources.

When thinking about my mural, I realize that street art and graffiti is influential because people will encounter the art amidst their busy, daily lives and will be inspired to think about what they see. So, it has an impact, even if the viewer does not seek to be affected. In addition, with street art, there's a greater likelihood of providing access to art to people who normally wouldn't have this opportunity.

Because street art exposes people to art in a simpler way, the collaboration with journalism is even more powerful. Information is communicated in a direct, visual manner. Overall, I think journalism and graffiti complement each other very well. Journalism combined with art, especially street art, reaches a much wider audience.” — Clara Leff

Women at Sea by Clara Leff & Mariana Mats & Calor Carol
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MURAL LOCATION — São Paulo, Brazil

Artist Bios

Clara Leff is a 26-year-old artist from São Paulo, Brazil. She graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Belas Artes University in the same city. In 2015, Leff began her career as a graffiti artist. Since then, she has worked with major brands and institutions such as Itaú, Gillette, Ford, Porsche, MCD, Banco Pan, Paramount, Colégio Dante Alighieri, Belas Artes University, among others. Leff currently divides her time between outdoor graffiti projects and work in her studio, where she explores spray and oil on canvas techniques, as well as watercolor painting.

Growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, Mats was immersed in the expanding universe of urban culture around her. At the age of 13, she moved to central Brazil, where the vibrant music, colors and friends in the region newly influenced her artistic expression. Her unique designs soon took shape. Using a variety of plastic arts techniques, Mats’ style has continued to evolve and now visitors can see her artwork on the walls of galleries and bars around São Paulo. Mats’ graffiti has also been featured in Europe.

Calor Carol is a visual artist from São Paulo known for her street graffiti. The name “Calor” (which means heat in English) is from an anagram of the name “Carol,” and she chose it because of the innate human need for heat. Born and raised in eastern São Paulo, Carol began her street artistry in 2012. Inspired by Hip Hop and a variety of other music, dance and cartoon influences, her graffiti encompasses a range of artistic languages.